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>Artsy/Comic Zines

Lithe Rauk (Fun Comics Presents) issue#18 (New Zealand)
Details: a5 comic book sized; black and white laser printed; 30+pages: comes wrapped in a brown paper bag.
Net price: (A) NZ$3 / AU$3 / US$1.50
                (B) SG$3/ RM6/ US$1.50

Heck, initially I ordered Lithe Rauk older issues but since they ran outta stock, I thought settling for these would be a disappointment. Thank God I was wrong! While, sex-themed zines aren't really my type, its vivid honesty is so enduring and hey, yes I did chuckle at the naked man and woman in the blips. Hehehehe.. an adult issue. Great for perves and pranksters too!

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>Personal Zines

Details: quarter letter sized; 16 pages; fuschia color cover; black and white photocopied inside. (credits: zine cover: Erika from Pander Zine Distro)
Net price: (A) NZ$2 / AU$2 / US$1
                (B) SG$1 / RM2 / US$1

I was really excited when Melissa decided to trade her stuff with me because I read so many awesome reviews about her wonderful zine. Even though I hadn't actually got hold of it before, I was totally mesmerized by the cover (and the color!) and took a risk of stocking it whatever happened. And that was definitely something I never regret.

Honey Pot is an intricate collection of shards of thoughts and emotions on the beauty. Miss Honey B Temple as she is fondly known as, writes about her personal discovery on what beauty is, from the time she was struggling with " a huge overbite and had to wear a retainer strapped" to her head to acne during her teen years. Amongst these, she compiles other people's opinions and poetry on beauty and its meanings to different people as well. I totally had a great time reading her work as at so many parts of it, I pause and think to myself "Oh My God, I can so relate to that", without having to bear a whiny persona in what I read. This is definitely one of the better stuffs I have ever stocked and I personally hope other readers will enjoy this as much as I do.

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"… About two years ago, my mom offered to pay for me to undergo a laser treatment that would lessen the worst of the scars on my face. I thought about it for awhile. On one hand was my childhood dream of having clear skin, on the other was everything I ever learned, thought, and dreamed as an outsider. I wouldn't be myself without my scars. They remind me what true beauty is. I thanked my mom for her offer, but said no."

Alien Basement Food issue #19 (CANADA) 
Details: a5 sized; ?+pages; color covers (pink/yellow), black and white photocopied (credits: zine cover: Ashley from Basement Freak's DiY Distro)
Net price: (A) NZ$2 / US$1 / US$3ppd
                (B) SG$2 / RM4 / US$1 / US$2ppd

Description coming soon.

Barbie War issue#3 (USA) 
Details: a5 sized, pink cover, black and white photocopied, ? pages (credits: zine cover from Ashley from Basement Freak's DIY Distro)
Net price: (A) NZ$2.50 / US$1 / US$3ppd
                 (B) SG$2.50 / RM5/ US$1 / US$2ppd

Description coming soon.

>Music Zines

Trippers issue #10 (Singapore)

Details: a5 black and white photocopied; 40+pages; comes with free inlet "The Editor Fights Back-The Bloody Bicker issue #1"
Net Price: (A) NZ$4 / AU$3 / US$2
                 (B) NZ$3 / RM5 / US$2
Official website:  The Trippers Zine Official Website
Official online journal: Trent's Journal Entries  

This is my first taste of Trippers and how I wish I had read all of its previous issues! Trent, formerly known as Siti Sadist, and currently also the ringleader of all grrrl punk rock crew The Riot Assembly in Singapore, whips up a zine that is not meant for the weak hearted. This issue contains interviews with solo guitarist/songwriter/poet Steve Towsen from Australia, her favorite band in the world TRIBE 8, rants and articles on lesbian punks, being butch, a brave one in "We Are The Useless Sluts They Mould" and a special feature on the Brandon Teena Story. Loads of reviews and a communist forum excerpt. Excruciatingly cut and paste, poetic too with a sneak peek into her brilliantly written play which she wrote for The Young Dramatist Award organized by TheatreWorks in Singapore. This is one zine, you have to squint and take lots of caffeine to read and yet at the end of it, you'll feel extremely satisfied.

Ripped Off!
"How many wasted youths like you
Submitting to decadence in the shining nineties
Convinced that everything around you has fallen
They fall where angels fall
And there you died
And the friends and demons in you did rise
You've bled and no one once heard your cries
You valiantly fought the useless fight
Drowning in the litany of blasphemous verses
Young and bored and drunk and tired
Stoned in your reverie of past dead images
Where there your soul had once sired
Those flowers and fires at night
Those days when you incessantly lied…"
-taken from Nicole Tan by Trent herself. Sweet.

Trippers issue #11(Singapore)
"Excuse Me Are You A Lesbian?"
Details: a5 black and white photocopied; 20+pages
Net Price: (A) NZ$3 / AU$3 / US$1.50
                 (B) SG$2 / RM4 / US$1

Our favorite dykepunkrockerpoetzinester is back with more confrontational issues and fresh insights to wow as again! This time, she rants wittingly about anarchy and the lesbian scene and reports its unbelievable existence in the streets of the safe, boring hometown called Singapore, heroin and techno, copyrights, "This is The baseless Teenage revolution calling," the Haymarket Square Riot in the U.S., more reviews, more informative snippets, letters (I wrote her one and she featured it for fun! Hahah!!) and loads more. Also look out for that excerpt from her short story "Like Someone With A Secret" when she decided to come "out" with her mum. Plus you have to get this cos for the first time, she's revealed an excerpt from her soon to be finished novel "The Shooting". Terrific storyline. You have to get this!!!

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"…we revel in our urban decadence, we are the children of these grey industrial walls, the pillars of the pointless future. Violence is an expression and indifference a studded jacket we cannot live without. What makes one nonchalant makes one an enigma….Hating is a way of life and love is just an empty statement we scream in our loneliness..This is the wretched generation I belong to. And I love it here."-Trent from "This is the baseless teenage revolution calling".

Trippers issue #12 (Singapore)
"When You Judge Me"
Details: a5 sized; 20+pages, black and white photocopied
Net price: (A) NZ$3 / AU$3 / US$1.50
                 (B) SG$2 / RM4 / US$1

The only official lesbian punk rock zine is back with a vengeance! This time, Miss Trent impresses us with an interview with her idol Lynn Breedlove of Tribe8 and author of the critically acclaimed novel Godspeed, AnBerlin from Florida, Sink from Singapore, reports on the local lesbian community in Singapore, an article on the Murder & Rape of the legendary Mia Zapata, more letters, reviews especially on grrrl zines, the never-ending episode on the Pug Jelly Conspiracy extended from issue 11 and her usual but always entertaining rants, thoughts and stuff. In cut and paste mayhem, this grrrl knows what it means when one goes DIY.

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"…this is one hell of a mean zine, mean because I speak the fucking honest truth, my opinion of it, and if you hate it, that's your fucking problem. Hey, they're other bands whom I dissed too. About their laziness, about how their songs really truly sucked. But does that make me a wet blanket? Am I killing the scene? Hell, no. I only think the scene deserves better. If you got your own opinion on things or on my own stuff, come, shout it to me. It don't matter. But don't go around calling me a fucking racist when I know I'm not." - trent2002 with regards to Pug Jelly fans accusing her of being racist because of a bad review she gave the band (trust me folks, she's not)

15th Precinct A Punk Rock Zine issue #6 (Australia)
"The Scary Issue"
Details: a4, regular mag style=offset printed black and white, glossy color cover,80+pages, comes with a free sampler CD!
Net price: (A) NZ$10 / AU$10 / US$5
                (B) SG$10 / RM20 / US$5


Description coming soon.
This zine is also made available at Galaxy Records at High Street (Christchurch NZ) from 20 April till 30 May. After this period, the zine will only be available via mailorder here.

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15th Precinct A Punk Rock Zine issue#7 (Australia)
"The Street Punk Issue"
a4, regular mag style=offset printed black and white inside, glossy cover, 90+pages
comes with a free CD sampler!!!
Net price: (A) NZ$10 / AU$10 / US$5
                (B) SG$10 / RM20 /US$5

Description coming soon.

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Mosh! A Punk Rock Zine issue #7 (Malaysia)
Details: a5; 80+pages; black and white photocopied; profit / proceeds go to charity
Net price: (A) NZ$4 / AU$3 / US$2
                 (B) SG$3 / RM6 / US$1.50


I totally love the cover of this zine! It's so miss A Go Go, doncha think? But seriously, this zine hailing all the way from sunny Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia is truly impressive. In computerized format with a clearly neat layout, it features all things punk rock and interviews with its local bands such as Revenge of the Killer Germs, Strict tease, EKE, Emily Died Yesterday, Fags & Stoned, heterodox and DEP plus band bios such as Plague Of Happiness. Also several interesting columns such as Lucy In The Loo, My belly Button Blues, Kitty cats To Animal Rights, letters, poetry, gig reports and so much more. There's even a special animation film report as well! WOW! The occasional Malay slang might disrupt your reading if you don't understand it but that's not a good enough excuse to ignore this sincerely written zine. This is worth every single cent you put in for sure.

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"I've been thinking about this for a while now. Do you think it's hypocritical for a band t have a wise political/positive lyrics message in their lyrics but the only people who agree with the messages suggested are the songwriters?…If other band members don't agree with the message, then is the band considered a hypocritical band?' Cause I think that some kids who play instruments in the band don't really bother what the vocalist is shouting about. Not until the band itself produces the lyrics sheet and sleeves on the album or demo! Believe me this (shit) happens." -Seamonster from "Don't Wanna Belong"

OneseventwO issue#6 (Singapore)
Details: full letter sized; news print black and white; 30+pages; comes with a free compilation cassette tape featuring bands interviewed worldwide.
Net price: (A) NZ$6 / AU$6 / US$3
                 (B) SG$5/ RM10/ US$3

A Lion City hardcore fanzine established since 1998, this zine has come to be one of the most sought after hardcore zines in Asia and even overseas with its broad coverage on worldwide hardcore/punk bands. This issue features interviews with Neshamah from South Africa, a split interview with Dusk Within and Bolt from Finland, United By fate from Singapore and HIMSA! With scene reports, articles on girls in the moshpit and vegetarianism. Totally hardcore! Ooh, plus the compilation cassette tape features all the acts (8 bands) the zine has interviewed since its first issue…so that's definitely a winner!

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"..there is no need to ignite the fire... the fire is already burning within us."-editorial slogan.

PEE issue #24 (Australia)
Details: a5 sized; 30+ pages; laser printed ; color cover; comes with a free Fearless Records CD sampler
Net price: (A) NZ$3.50 / AU$2.50 / US$2
                (B) SG$4 / RM8 / US$2

This Aussie punk zine has all the staplings that blurs the boundaries of what's a zine and what's a magazine. Professionally printed with really clear pictures and in a very neat computerized format as usual. This time, he features interviews with Brand New, Grinspoon, Pennywise, Close Call, Ruteger, Near Miss and tons and tons of gig reports and music reviews. Purely music infotainment but spiced up with an original and cute comic strip called "Shazza & Dazza- a punk adventure" now already at episode 5. And the free sampler has got to be a good reason to get this all in all!

This zine is currently sold out and out of print.

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PEE issue #25 (Australia)
Details: a5 sized; 20+pages; laser printed; color cover; comes with 2 free stickers courtesy of Pee Records
Net price: (A) NZ$3.50/ AU$2.50 / US$2
                 (B) SG$4 / RM8 / US$1.50

This zine is currently sold out. In the process of restocking.

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PUINK! issue #1
Details: a5 sized; 80+pages, black & white photocopied; pink cover, comes with a freebie pack of evildesign stickers, V2/spread the word stickers and a DIY breast cancer awareness campaign pink ribbon and info sheet.
Net price: (A) NZ$4 / AU$4 / US$2
                (B) SG$3 / RM6 / US$1.50

This is the first ever zine effort from the Puinkilla grrls, Shasha Pinkit, Shahidah K Tai and Lish 'Fat Cat' Chan. Featuring interviews with prominent punk rock/indie bands from Singapore such as Force Vomit, MySquaredCircle and Pug Jelly, Plague Of Happiness ska band from JB Malaysia, Wan Shah editor of skinhead fanzine LCFZ and Scope01 graff artist from OAC. Also rantings and hilarious tongue-in-cheek articles like "Jerks, What About These Bastards?", graffiti art pix, a serious awareness article on gambling addictions in "Horrors of A Las Vegas Dream", tons of music and zine reviews and a gigger/aspiring musician perspective in "Giggers' Diary".

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"…Puink! is not your stereotypical underground music guide. It is a force of rebellious fire, a controversial avenue for all budding artists, talents and punks. And Punk is a collective for kids who believe in the school that proclaims change as imminent, kids who are locked up and suppressed only to fight back with their zillion provocative thoughts; kids who work hard to represent and prove their causes and beliefs and kids who persist in (pursuing) openness and freedom instead of (accepting) rejection and deprivation of choice in society. This is Puink!. This is a lifestyle." -from the editorial page

PUINK! issue#2 (Singapore)
Details: a5 sized; 40+pages, digital black &white printed; color cover; comes with one out of the assorted freebies ranging from stickers, bookmarks, prints and diy pocket envelopes.
Net price: (A) NZ$3.50 / AU$3.50 / US$2
                (B) SG$3.50 / RM 7 / US$2

This time, Shasha Pinkit now based in Christchurch, leaving her Puinkilla sista Shahidah K Tai in Singapore, proves to us that it is possible to enrage readers even when the culprits have separated across the seas. Featuring interviews with Tsunami Bomb, girl-fronted punk rock band from USA, Brubeck from NZ, Leek & The Bouncing Uptones from South Africa and the all grrrl Riot Assembly from Singapore. An informative snippet on Food Not Bombs. Another hilarious article on body art and the preoccupation of it in punk rock from the girls themselves, a new column called Writers Puke which is oh-so amusing, a call for grrrls to unite and join in the movement towards forming an all grrrl camp / music festival in Singapore under Camp Riot and the usual music, books & zine reviews and scene reports from Brisbane, New Zealand and Singapore.

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" …I'm not against it, it's a free world and it's your body not mine, I'll do whatever I please with mine and you do the same with yours. Why I dislike tattooing? I always imagine myself grow old to be a saggy little old thing (I had the image of a female gollum in mind), then I imagine what I'll look like with the tattoo of an eagle on my back at that stage. The eagle would probably look like a burnt chicken and its wings would probably disappear under the folds of my flabby skin. Not a pretty sight right?…..So I guess I'm happier with my body the way it is…"-Miss Tai on 'Piercing, tattoos…body art?'

Silent Screams issue#9 (South Africa)
Details: a5 sized; 50+pages, offset digital black and white printed; color cover; cool style, it's "stapled" with a safety pin! WOW!
Net price: (A)NZ$3 / AU$3 / US$1:50
                 (B) SG$4 / RM8 /US$2

Jen's the bomb! I seriously hope you guys will react and buy this 'cos I'm thinking of stocking her earlier issues too if all goes well. This issue features interviews with Pet Flyz, Pulled From 6 Feet (I love that band!) and One Truth, plus loads of extremely interesting articles-even if the topics seem mundane or over rated, the perspectives are fresh! I'm talking about "Where Are All The Girls?', "Now that's hardcore", "A Darwin Perspective On Emo" and "Skate Or Die" among many! Oh absolutely cutesy with the comic dialog scripted strip thingy(?) called Jamie and Megs too! So what are ya waiting for? Come on get this now!
Oh plus Jen included some stickers as well, so I'll pop in one or two with this zine!

Ripped Off!
"...It's time to do away with the useless phrase "little girls should be seen and not be heard". There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when we dance or sing , play in bands and put on shows, write zines and voice our opinions. Every girl has different beliefs and opinions and we should welcome learning about what each of us ahs to offer the world. And so goes my mantra that "we are all beautiful in our own way". I ask you to repeat this mantra out loud everyday, especially when you find yourself judging someone else for whatever reason..." -taken off "Where Are All The Girls?"

>General/Miscellaneous Zines

Kurt Cobain Was Lactose Intolerant Conspiracy zine (USA)

Details: a5 sized; black and white photocopied; 20+pages
Net price: (A) NZ$2.50 / AU$2 / US$1
                (B) SG$2 / RM4/ US$1

A fantastic write-up on the possibility that Kurt might have just died because of a prolonged suffering due to lactose intolerancy. Laugh or take it seriously, it's all good stuff. This zine was already circulating since 1995-7 but is re-printed(each copy has meddlings) for Cobain fans of this generation. Cool as!

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Multi-Kid issue #3 (USA)
"Searching For The Little Black Box"
Details: oddly sized almost a5; yellow flip-up cover; 20+pages, black and white photocopied
Net Price: (A) NZ$3 / AU$3 / US$2
                 (B) SG$3/ RM6 / US$1.50

This is the first socio-political personal zine that I've ever encountered that seriously focusses on the different colored and cultured people in America. It contains really honest with very applaudable sardonic humor here and there to create a relaxed vibe for the zine. Revealing stories and personal accounts of people from different ethnic backgrounds such as Koreans, Hispanics, Indians and African Americans living relatively similar clockwatcher lifestyles etc. This was really refreshing for me because it doesn't have that "ME!ME!ME!" narrative in most personal zines. I really enjoyed "Notes From A Possible Guatemalan Journal". Definitely worth more than just a read.

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